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The last months have been spent working on getting things established for the new development. There have been hoops and hurdles and by the time you have arrived at the point in choosing a management company – you are well aware of the next set of target goals.


Going forward you are looking for and counting on a smooth, efficient, effective transition and turnover. Free from headaches, free from conflict or confrontation and release from assurances and potential liability or lawsuits.


Good sound management and proactive planning brings that to fruition!


We are the professionals in new development. We have experienced dozens of transition and turnovers in the last seven years. We are ready to assist and advise in the initial consulting phase. We are skilled in reviewing the governing documents and while we are not legal – we are well aware of necessary and not so necessary language that benefits an association at turnover. In that regard, we have partnered with many attorneys in an effort to prepare the governing documents with clear, concise language – that specifically reflects the interests and considerations of the association. 


We can guide you on budget recommendations and reserve planning which will ultimately impact the association now or later.


Transition begins with the first sales of homes in a community and we have a devised an IPM trade marked plan outlining a process and procedure for transition and turnover from developer/builder. It is sensitive to developer/builder economic considerations, but also withstands the practical and professional tests to satisfy and sustain homeowners.


IPM’s transition/turnover plan allows developers and builders the ability to concentrate on construction issues and the business of building homes. It communicates to new homeowners that there is a plan. It establishes commitment and assurance that you understand your obligation and duty and will see it through. It eases homeowners worries, concerns and settles any fears about how things will be handled going forward.


The communities you are building and have built are your mark of excellence and your legacy in the metropolitan area.   





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