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IPM is also introducing an ala carte menu of services which has been requested by many self-managed associations. Call or contact for a rate sheet or quote on any of the following: 


Individualized Board Training for self-managed communities

(2 hour meeting with all materials, copies and information)


Annual meeting coordination with Certified Legal Election oversight

4 hour package - prep of nomination forms, confirmation on nominations, ballots, receipt of ballots, proxy prep and handling if applicable - confirmation of meeting time and location, annual meeting notice to homeowners, preparation of Board Agenda and manager's attendance at meeting to collect/distribute and provide certified legal oversight of election process.  


Contract Administration Consulting for specs and bids (4) 

Contact and coordinate four bids from quality contractors identifying same specs    for all; follow IPM vendor application approval process and IPM bid comparison contrast.


Declaration or Indenture Review with attorney participation (Coordinate meeting with 3 attorneys for discussion purposes and identify any Declaration or Indenture considerations)


Rules and Regulations


Pool Pass Processing   


Residential Directories or Handbooks                                          


Community Association Inspection Services - Enforcement/Compliance

Quarterly Inspection                                            


Annual Certificate of Insurance tracking and monitoring

*as required by Declarations or Indentures - specified under Articles on Insurance


Annual Registration/Secretary of State                


Association Insurance Claim processing


Annual Architectural tracking and monitoring


General Project Management (over $5,000)


Community Newsletters (Quarterly)


Community Mailings - Assessment Notification   



IPM's self managed and ala carte offerings will absolutely define a new way of handling needs and responsibilities for self-managed associations who are looking for 'innovative' and cost effective ways in streamlining association business practices.


contact@innovativepm.biz for pricing, rate sheet or quote 
 Article on Embezzelment, misappropriation of funds,... 

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